Neighbourhood Books is a new-born independent bookstore curated to nourish the local community.


We house a range of new fiction, non-fiction and children's books, prioritising local writers, artists and publishers. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are eager to talk books and share recommendations with all who will listen!


Ours is a 'profit for purpose' - we will be reinvesting our resources into developing an events program that brings the community together and supports the literary sector. We are bibliophiles and believe that people and books are two of the world’s greatest assets.


Interested? Join our mailing list to be invited to be on the invitation list.


Our ambition is for Neighbourhood Books to be an inviting space to spend time in - for a browse, for a chat, for a meet-up or a meet-and-greet.


All are welcome, and we want to get to know everyone. This bookshop is for YOU, and we want it to reflect your values.


We hope you enjoy watching Neighbourhood Books evolve as much as we are enjoying building it.


Leesa Lambert